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Branding & Visual Language


Consumer Ecosystem


Understand the Indian consumer:

We understand the Indian consumer's unarticulated and unaware needs.


We are a transparent company and we build our relationships on trust.


We are experts at what we do and apply a sense of mastery to our process



Cutting edge

We employ cutting edge technology in manufacturing and our products are certainly ahead of the curve.

Design Quotient

We focus extensively on our designs and give our customers a variety of choices with close attention to detail.


The one thing we never compromise on is our quality. Performance and durability are top concerns


Friction-less Journey

We ensure that the job of setting up a door has never been easier.


Team Player

We are your team player and ensure that we will always have your back.

Capability Builder

We are constantly striving to build the right ecosystem to foster the growth of ready-made quality doors.

Brand Proposition






Core Desire: control


Goal: create a prosperous, successful family, company, or community


Fear: chaos, being overthrown


Strategy: exert leadership


Gift: responsibility, leadership


Trap: being bossy, authoritarian

Tone Inspiration



Comes from the English word ‘Benchmark’ and the acronym WEST (Wood, Engineered, Steel, Technology)

Meaning: Benchmark

Associations: Signature Style, Standard

Sound: An established company with a proven quality standard. Also feels like a certification or standards association


Bold angular letters give an authoritative look

Tone Inspiration

Logo Explorations

WESMARC form is inspired by larger than life scale of Indian monuments.


The form is a combination of the first letter ’W’ & doors in perspective. It signifies endless possibility, & movement towards infinity.

For Influencers

& Consumers

Quality is hygiene.

Go beyond the basic functionalities.

Competition Study

Through extensive secondary research of the immediate competition and the extended category, we noticed a large gap in the existing Indian market.

Doors divide and connect worlds. They are quiet in their presence, and yet speak volumes about the place it secures.

They give you a sense of safety when you enter and a sense of reassurance when you leave. They offer a glimpse of life as it could be, and also of how far a journey it’s been.

Doors are the quiet chronicles of life,

and every time you step through a door,

you pick up a story where you left off.


So, we believe that every time you open a door, you




Logo Study and Morphology

Morphology exercise

Logo Form

Logotype and Form


Full-Color Logo

Red Banner Logo

Grey Banner Logo

Silver Logo (used only as product sticker)


Primary palette

Red, Grey

Secondary Palette

Blue, Green

Reverse Greyscale Logo

Greyscale Banner Logo

Greyscale logo

Reverse Greyscale Banner Logo


Business card Front & Back

Business Cards

Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Card


Lookbook 2019