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With China’s expanding footprint in the Ethiopian textile industry and Ethiopia’s garment workers being the lowest paid in the world, the traditionally handcrafted fabrics of Ethiopia have been rapidly losing demand to cheaper fast fashion.


KYND strives to bring 100% handmade Ethiopian fabric to the international market supporting the traditional Ethiopian weaving techniques. KYND is a company owned directly by the Ethiopian weaver collectives. KYND is built to promote producer ownership which will lead to all artisans having a sustainable livelihood.

The initial explorations done for the identity was inspired by the handmade quality of the fabric. Carrying the handcrafted nature forward into the identity, bamboo pens got handcrafted and various calligraphic styles were explored for the logo.

The inspiration for the final identity of the brand comes from the warp and weft technique used in the weaving of the fabric

Logoform + Logotype

Design Element

Since the brand has to represent Ethiopia internationally, an abstracted  Ethiopian map is used as a design element to complement the logo. For this abstraction, inspiration is taken from Tibeb Motifs.
The dots represent the collectives that integrally own the company.
Logo + Design Element


The colors are loosely derived from the rasta colors of the Ethiopian flag.

Logo Extensions

Extensions for Food, Loom, and Home are designed as the brand needs the flexibility to work across multiple sectors.

The finalized logo extended to an Amharic version to be used regionally.

Brand Tags

Launch Event

Thank You

Freehand Explorations
Digital Explorations

KIND Ethiopia

Branding & Visual Language

Logo Design Process

  • Making handiwork equal to any other profession.
  • Producer Ownership. (Creating strong producer ownership with deep handholding.)
  • Becoming a gateway into more sustainable living.
  • Be Inclusive and build equality.
  • Promote slow consumption
  • Connect us to our humanity.
  • Incorporate the element of 'built to last'.
  • Generating conscious consumption (creating objects with meaning that won't be discarded.
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