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Junk Juxtaposed

An experiment with a variety of junk materials like used oil cans, discarded oil-soaked jute bags, rusted rods & chains.

Looking at the origins of these materials makes one worried about things like the harmful effects of oil seeping into the ground, stained and muddy jute bags lying around blocking the drainage systems, the danger of rusted scrap rods lying around the walkway, or children getting injured by the greasy chains found around small garages.

We experimented with connecting these materials together and building something of meaning out of it. These materials were useful for us at some point, but they got discarded carelessly afterward. Therefore we created an abandoned ship that also gets neglected after sailing for years.

The message is to look back at the things and materials that we use and be more conscious in the way we dispose of an object that fulfills our needs.

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