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Music by: Ajinkya Nair

Directed | Produced | Animated by: Vasav

"JALAJ" is a visually captivating animated music video that explores the intertwined lives of an  Monk and a disenchanted Rapper. Against the serene backdrop of a sacred river town and the bustling urban landscape of a futuristic City, the video delves into the commercialization of sacred spaces and the yoga industry in America.

A pivotal moment occurs when the monk and the rapper's reflections swap, leading to a unique fusion of Indian classical and hip-hop music. The monk immerses himself in the flashy nightlife, experiencing a lowrider ride and vibrant nightclub scenes, while the rapper partakes in spiritual celebrations on a boat and meditates in sacred spaces.

Ultimately, their journeys culminate in a powerful musical fusion that symbolizes unity and enlightenment. "JALAJ" challenges preconceived notions of cultural boundaries and promotes a message of cultural exchange, personal transformation, and harmony through its stunning mixed-media animation and innovative storytelling.

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