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Future Group

Annual Report 2018-19

My Indian Convenience Store #India Speak

Reaching every small and large community in India


A conversation on what is a convenience store in India: a store that is around the corner, knows what I want when I need it, has the local spices, etc.

Illustrations of diverse Indian’s interspersed with shopkeepers and FRL employees. 


Understanding customer's needs, empathizing with their aspirations

Technology is all about increasing the capacity of human beings and organizations.

You get everything at a call or a Whatsapp or text.

Design Process

Illustrating people from different regions and ethnicity.

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Portraying a tech-enabled consumer ecosystem

Showing technological overlay over the existing ecosystem

Future Retail Limited (FRL) Annual Report 2018-19


Full Report

Future Enterprise Limited (FEL) Annual Report 2018-19

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