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Our actions as humans have fundamentally changed our planet. So much so, that scientists want to give this period of time a name - The Anthropocene or the Human Age. Like the Dinosaur, Age was called the Jurassic. We have to decide now what kind of mark we want to leave one of the microplastics, bleached reefs, loss of purpose, and increased stress OR one of innovation, possibilities, and respect for the Earth System.


All of us are consumers - we buy and use products and services. Often, when buying, we are not able to let go of a good bargain or sale without making a purchase, whether we need the object or not. Without our explicit consent, we are conditioned by commercials and advertising to think of 'having more and new things' as being the only goal to strive for, without thinking of the hidden impacts of what we buy and use. This is consumerism.


More than half the world's population now lives in cities. We can see it happening around us - the expanding, rising, growing, crowded city. Urbanization means that the lifestyle that is common in a city becomes prevalent. As urban populations interact with their environment, they change it through the consumption of food, energy, water, and land. And in turn, the changing urban environment affects the health and quality of life of the people.


Technology is a phenomenon so pervasive today, that it is no longer in a field or domain. Technology created by us Humans is largely responsible for both destructive and useful objects, and for processes and opportunities in urban life.

Garbage Trail

Trash trail is a tour to get a first-hand experience of the Where, What, and How of our daily waste once it is out of our sight. What happens to it, how it is segregated, recycled; and who are the people who do the ‘dirty’ work? 

-Bangalore Mirror

Trash trail can help the citizens answer the question of where and when can they make a contribution to the process of waste management in the city.


Garbage Trail

Experience Center

To create thought-provoking visuals about current environmental issues to convey the bigger picture to the visitors at the Experience Center.

Drawing process