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Experiential Mapping

Focus Areas

Thank You

Experiential Map

1. Fountain

2. Clock Tower

3. Bridge

4. Design Cafe

5. Amphitheatre

6. Selfie points icons.

7. Kid’s area

8. Breakout area

9. Living Exhibits (2)

10. Tilting art Gallery

11. Tiger Play

12. Multiplex

13. XLR8

14. Ashley Store

15. Garden Layout

16. Pub Town (Food and Drinks)


Destination CREATICITY

Imagine if someone has already done the destination research for you and present it in the form of a directory, a unique listing of shopping, art, food, and sports-related facilities: listing and recommendations.


It’s a celebration of everything Creaticity is and has to offer. An intriguing and exciting mix of experiences you just can not miss!!


Yes, we’ve been busy doing the hard work for you so that when you arrive here you don’t miss out on any fun. Don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered.


Text Treatment Inspiration

Visual Language Inspiration


Key Concept

Glowing Highlights

The map will highlight the areas which are operational at night and those areas will be printed with an ink that glows in the dark.

The inspiration was taken from Norwegian Passport which shows glowing northern lights when in dark.

Front Day View

Front Night View

Reverse Map

Folding Grid

Folding Grid

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