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The Affinity of Psyche & Context

Technology, our phones, laptops, gadgets, etc have become an integral part of our lifestyle.  These things constantly engage our attention & many of us get too anxious or busy to build a connection with our families, communities, or the environment.

Our thoughts are based on our understanding, which gets shaped by factors like the environment that we live in or the subtle artifacts or imageries that we are exposed to. Our perceptions also change based on the quality of the trending outlook that is prevalent in a particular timeline and geography. Therefore, by consciously observing the world and the people around us we can naturally generate more empathy towards the world we live in.

Through my drawings, I explore the understanding of my mind and it’s connection and relationship with various contexts, objects, and people that exist around me. I believe when we draw something, it builds a profound connection between the subject and the observer.

Practicing this simple form of observation and representation helps shred adulterated understanding and leaves us attuned to our environment and self.


Virtual Exhibit

Snippets from the exhibit

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